Leader after Apocalypse

Date: 2/23/2019

By ShadowOwl

I was at the beach meeting a guy for business or something. I think he might have been filming a small movie and I was helping with something. We went to his house on the beach front after we were done. It was sunset when we got there and it was dark as I was leaving. I noticed the water was up to the steps and the ocean looked really turbulent. I stuck my head back in and asked if that was normal. He said probably because I'm just not used to the ocean. I really insisted that the come look. Sure enough it wasnt normal. We noticed a bunch of people up at the road so I ran up the dunes to see what was going on. Some end of the world thing going on so I ran back to the ever growing ocean to grab supplies out of the dudes house. I told him what was going on and he also grabbed stuff, like a fishing pole. We met up with the people on the road and I asked them where they were planning to go: Mexico or Canada. I was saying Canada would be good since there would be more natural resources. We then split into the two groups and I started to chart our route trying to pick up people's families along the way. Time skip of at least a year and my group is in Canada and weve already made a town from nothing. I was head of the town. Also magic was a thing but it had always been a thing. Me and some townspeople were riding horses when we saw some bad magic people that I had known in America. We quickly rode back with them on our heels. I was yelling for people to flee but those other people were using dark magic. I used some too which was quite a shock for the other people. I was captured but everyone else got away. There was a time skip were I met with the rest of the people. I explained how I escaped and then began to say what our next plan of action.