The irrelevant dream

Date: 4/17/2017

By HopelessDreamer

We were at the middle school and there was this boat there and they were trying to do tests on students to see their intelligence. Me and my girl friend were sitting in the MS auditorium and we were talking about the boy I like. Then my old theatre teacher put on the Time Warp and we all got up and did it. Then it was my turn and they were looking at my standardized test scores and apparently it was all 100% so they ask how I did it and I told them that hot water and steam help me think and that every day I brought a travel mug with boiling hot water in it. Then the guy pulled out this thing from a drawer and it was marijuana and he wanted me to take it so he could do tests and because I was a genius in the dream, I started running away and screaming for Batman. Then their was this big chase and the bat signal broke but then we found Batman (who was my friend) and then the problem got resolved. Then we ran into Harry Potter. At one point I mentioned that I was a princess that got struck by lightning when she was very young and had a blue streak in my hair. (Like Anna from frozen) This is the most random dream I've ever had.