He reacuring maze with no escape

Date: 4/2/2019

By flatbomber

I had a dream i was in someones house with family watching someone else play dark souls 3. Or maybe it wasn't family. But it was some wierd rendition of the decons fight where i saw him swinging a straight sword and remarked he should use a great sword to which the guy replied he didnt have one. Then i fell asleep in my dream to dream about a new mario game that brought back the classic top down of super mario bros in the level select. The loading map screen showed luigi running away from a tree with a red circle next to it. A level. I went into the level to have a recurring dream again.... It was that maze again with the zombie ghoul looking things of people i have seen. This time they could climb the walls but i think i wole up before i could die this time. I tried shooting them with finger guns like i always had once i ran out of ammo.... But it didn't work this time... I think it's an evolving nightmare where i grow increasingly powerless. The walls wider then closer meaning i won't be able to climb next time... I don't want to have it again