Murder on the River

Date: 7/3/2017

By toxxicduck

In my second dream of the night, I was with my ex Corey at a big house on the edge of a river (another dream with a river!). The house belonged to a hippy woman with black hair wearing a generic floral hemp tunic. She was my teacher, but I am unsure of what she was teaching me. I don't know why Corey was there, we barely interacted with one another. The woman also had a huge Rottweiler dog who was super nice and cute. The lower part of the house extended over the river and made a kind of docking area for boats. There was a big deck with furniture and a dirt area. This is where the dog lived mostly. It was so swanky! I want something like this in real life! I don't remember what happened exactly, but next thing I know there is a dead guy at the house and the three of us scrambled to hide any evidence that would connect his death/disappearance to us. I don't think we killed him, I think it was all a big accident, but circumstances were too suspicious. Teach put the body in her trunk and drove off, while Corey got in the dead guys car and then drove it straight into the river. It was exhilarating watching him just speed off the grassy cliff into the water. He swam out of the river while the car shot off deeper down until we couldn't see it. Then Corey got in another car and left. I was feeling very scared and frustrated, like I really did not want to be involved in this murder mystery. I walked around the cool house and pet the Rottweiler, waiting for people to come back and tell me what was going on. I knew somehow that Teach was like "tying off loose ends" somewhere. Eventually, Corey came back with two other men. They went down to the deck and sat around a backyard firepit. Then Corey disappeared. The two men weren't familiar to me at all, but they were very grimy and sketchy looking, like homeless people. One of the men brought a dog with him, a black pincher, but it was a little shit and was trying to start fights with the nice Rottweiler. The men were heckling and harassing me, telling me to go get them some beers and to come over and show the some skin. I was disgusted and creeped out. As I went to go and lock myself in the main house, they kept calling creepy things out to me. That's all I remember.