Taken advantage of...

Date: 7/16/2017

By AliWiley

So I was watching Natalie (Darby and Alex's baby) and it was like a huge gathering of some sort and so many people had packages at the house that they got when they got there and I didn't so I was bummed. The packages had like obnoxiously purple shirts and pants in them and all the shirts had white comic sans font that had how you knew the bride and groom at it (I guess it was their wedding??) except I never got one and even though it was super ugly I still wanted one. Then they started serving dinner and I had to watch the child and serve dinner, and we ran out of sandwiches, and Steve (Darby's dad) demanded I make him one...so I go to the kitchen to make one and he starts playing a YouTube video of Marcus Butler on his phone for everyone to watch and I love Marcus, so I stopped making the sandwich so I could go in and watch it. For some reason even though the video was playing on the tv as well, everyone wanted to watch on Steve's phone. So I started watching the tv and then Steve notices and is just furious that I didn't make him his sandwich so he stops the video and goes to make his own sandwich.