School Reunión

Date: 4/23/2019

By alexolsen

There were whole lots of people that I knew in this dream, but never this last bit i was on my iphone playin a game where you fuck up s realistic house and it turned out to be hayden parker’s parents. sierra had given me a tour of it. she would throw their exotic yellow and pufferfish from the big tank down to a little old the end montaña gay texted if i want to goto thegym. earlier in dream we were at a school and i had pooped my pants but couldn’t clean it up bc breanns massey was watching over the stall. teja was in the stall to my right; she could see me too but teja’s chill. we were cleaning out our lockers which were i think in the 3rd grade wing outside of Mrs Nelson’s classroom and Ashley (alex preso ashley) was there also cleaning her locker. earlier that day Breanna Massey had jumped out a library window and hit a severely now hurt a dolphin that was flying along, poot thing:(i helped until a man threw it across the road and it binged and then entered the pool.