Paris Island to Long Island

Date: 1/27/2017

By ForgottenIn2015

I had this dream a while back so the details are fuzzy. First off I plan to join the Marines in real life and for those of you who don't know Boot Camp for anyone on the east coast is at Paris Island SC. So the dream. I went to bootcamp and did PT of course and then after the first day time passed so quick and all the sudden I was sitting in an office with wooden walls and was wearing old ERDL woodland camo along with a few other Marines. Turns out we were now about 5 years in the future and on Long Island (off the coast of NY and where I'm from) in a recruiting office and I along with the rest of the Marines with me were recruiters. We were all talking and joking about our expieriences how one guy used to be a DI, another got shot in the ass and had to take a shit at the same time, and how I had gotten shot once. We laughed at some jokes and then I woke up. Odd dream.