I was bi curious back then

Date: 1/27/2019

By pinkstar16121

I found my old dream journal that I have saved on my laptop. I was definitely bi curious and had a lot of dreams about girls. This is part of one of the dreams I had that is probably considered a separate dream from the others. I was with this girl whose name I won't mention like I did in my journal but I think she was a girl I knew from college. We were riding on these barrels or something through snow. I fell off, then she tried to help me get back on. I blindly tried sitting back on the barrel, struggling to get back on as I slipped. There were these two girls that were laughing at me. Then we started to dance and grind against each other. One girl grinded on me from behind. I kinda liked it and was getting horny. At sole point we stopped, and I was telling my ex about us grinding and I tried acting it out. Then he was like "oh, you mean like this?" And he started jutting his hips out. Then I think I saw his mom. I found out the girls were his sister's friends. They said hi to her. She ignored me. They were talking, and I feel like one girl said something rude to her but I don't remember. Then I remember her disappearing somehow and the two girls said they wanted to have sex because they were horny. They were in this bed, and the girl who was grinding against me said she wanted to take care of it now. I imagined they were going to get naked, and rub and lick each other's pussies but instead they kept their clothes on, started kissing each other, and grinding their pussies together. They moaned and it made me horny. It was all over too quickly, like once it started it was over because suddenly my ex's sister came into the room. The girls had stopped grinding and there was a big wet spot on the bed, which was light purple or blue. It was cum. I don't remember d she saw it. I think they were trying to hide it. I think she asked what we were doing, and we said nothing.