My moms invisible.

Date: 2/9/2017

By NightOwl700

My mom just picked me up from my dads house (it was day time). I arrived at my moms driveway and I set the only thing I brought to the house (water bottle) in the holder on my mailbox. And then my mom went inside and she told me to go get it because I wa going inside and left it. Then it was suddenly night time. And she was yelling from the house to the where I am, which is outside. Saying that I had to get my water bottle. And for some reason I couldn't remember I had my water bottle in there. So for about a minute she was screaming that, then I went and got it. I went inside the house and I asked my mom where is she? And she said over here!. I went around the corner and into my living room, and I saw nothing. I yelled again where are you! And I heard her voice that seemed to be right in front of me. I got really confused because I saw nothing. But for some reason I automatically thought that she was invisible. And I pulled out my phone and she leaned over to look at it. Then my dream ended.