Kyle took pictures of dogs, and I tried to fight a English speaking chihuahua

Date: 3/20/2019

By levinelover

Kyle said this is such a cute angle and was taking pictures of me (or so I thought). He was taking them on my phone. When I woke up he said to check my phone and it was actually a picture of him and a black guy he meditates with and all 3 of the cats on the stairs with stuffed animals there was also a black and brown chihuahua on the photo the black guy came with. There was a chihuahua and a big dog that were over and I took a snap video with them, one of the dogs called me a wannabe or something, it spoke English to me. Once my video ended as I was waiting for someone to come into the door the chinawawa jumped on me like a monkey at first I let it hit them I stood up to fight it.