Date: 4/27/2019

By helmznr

I just got back from jail so I had a shirt on that said I was in jail so somebody in my house gave me a quick couple shirts to put on so we could walk around New York. I was told a story that I could watch through their words about two kids fighting a pink panther (2 feet tall). The family I was with was weird... short lady plus Brendan for sure in the house because he wanted me with him outside to help watch his younger cousins in case they ran away and hid because that’s what they do. So I walk around with the group because they wanted me to (maybe to show me what’s good with New York) I was uncomfortable and wanted to go change. So I went home and took off the prison shirt and got changed. The lady wanted me to walk around with the group yelling their ideas like a protest of some sort so I said I don’t want to do that I don’t even know your opinion. I think I ended up joining because Brendan convinced me to come and take care of the two younger cousins who like to run away and hide. ... I go downstairs and frickles on a very elevated surface (waaattt) so I get closer to him and a lion cub is coming in the back door. I quickly pick up frickle and scare the cub outside. I shut the door only to find out that frickle escaped outside and was eaten by the cub. ... (woke up with pins and needles in my legs) ... I go to a sub shop with Brendan and we had to pay which was super hard but we found a way... we thought we recognized the lady working there but we didn’t. ... now max wants to try out for cheerleading so we drive him there. Yesturday was Easter and I said happy thanksgiving to Sean Delaney... oops. But Brendan and Reggie were excited to have max join the team as they were currently part of it already and wanted max already. ... we get back and I go upstairs... my cat is outside. (The one who died) so I go outside and go to pick him up but I see MY CAT next to my cat.... I knew immediately that there was something wrong with the situation and thought something was trying to fool me. Then when I found out, one cat started dancing on 2 feet while the other was running away. My sister threw me the cat she thought was ours but I knew that he had been eaten so I swung at him with something like a baseball bat and we ran inside. That’s when one of the cats then turned into joe santos and I was like WHAT? ... Not sure when in the timeline but my mom was drinking not like usual and was okay with anything I was doing. Unrelated: I then was trying to serve a basketball and I couldn’t for a while.