Active shooter x2

Date: 6/8/2019

By breezy1126

I had two separate dreams about active shooters. The first one i was in what looked like a huge restaurant eating with my family. There was a wall dividing the room and the shooter was on the other side. When he began shooting, it was chaos and my family and i began running. We ran in one direction and ended up almost running into the shooter. Him and i locked eyes. He was a black man, i dont remember much about his appearance. He didnt point the gun at us and i immediately told my family to run in the other direction. I dont think he ever chased after us but it was still chaos as we left the building. Us locking eyes was the most surreal experience. Nobody in my family was hurt. Right after that i had a second dream, this time i was in a mall and a man came in with a gun. I was in a store about to run out the door when he came over and told me i could run out the door if i wanted to, encouraging me to do it but i knew if i did he would just shoot me like a cat playing with a mouse. I told him i wouldnt and i stood there while he locked the door, just one deadbolt lock and walked away. He was a white man this time. Dark hair, a beard. He walked to the registers and i took this opportunity to run for it. I unlocked the deadbolt and ran as fast as i could through the mall, telling every one else to run too. I had a head start on the gunman because he didnt realize i ran. I guess he thought he had more control or i was too scared to chance it. He chased me. But it seemed like i was running as hard as i could and he was chasing me but not really putting much effort into it. Again like i’m sure a mouse feels when encountering a cat. He never caught me, never shot me. I was dressed really nice, very professional, maybe i had just gotten off work? For some reason i feel like i had just gotten off work. I was alone this time except for the people in the mall. It wasnt a packed mall at all. I’ve experienced 2 separate shooting events in real life. The first one was about 4 years ago, i was working in a mall and all of a sudden chaos erupted and every started running, saying there was a shooter and/or a bomb. I made it out safe and no one was killed or badly hurt beyond a broken leg and trampling from the chaos. They never found a shooter or evidence of a shooting which has always perplexed me considering how crazy it was and how the mall was on lockdown for a couple hours and some people, including a store owner reported seeing a man pull out a gun. WEIRDDDDDD. The second shooting i experienced in real life was 2 and a half months ago. At my university. Luckily i wasnt on campus that day, i was at work. The shooting happened a stones throw away from my dorm building and nobody was allowed back on campus until after midnight and the shooting happened around 5:30 pm. 2 students died, 4 other students were severely injured but survived.