On a boat and then in a truck

Date: 6/7/2017

By lmlib

I was on a boat and there were people I knew there from like school and stuff. We had to get off in order to get off you had to go through this long line. Also my dad and mom were not divorced but I thought they were. We were first on the line so me and my mom ran to the front. We got through and waited for everyone else. Apparently we were there with the HFM. When everyone was ready to get off the boat. It was a huge boat but I could tell it was a boat because it was rocking. We all did the star spangled banner and did some kind of dance and prayed to Jesus. During the dance I spun around once but I just kept spinning and I couldn't stop. I thought this was weird and all of my dream characters especially thought this was weird because I was spinning during the prayer. A security guard came over and asked why I was spinning I said I didn't know and I couldn't stop and that it started during the dance we did. Meanwhile my mom and brother were trying to hold me down to stop me from dancing. Next we finally got off the boat and onto land from a ramp. On the trucks I wanted to get into the one with my brother but my mom made me get in with her and my dad. But I had my bag in my brothers truck so I couldn't get my stuff for sleeping. We finally can to a rest stop so we can pee. I went inside a GIRLS bathroom I went up to a toilet and it was insane. It was in a tiny cubicle and it barely fit my butt. Also the hole where you went was super tiny and the sides were really low you could easily see what someone was doing inside. I probably would've been okay with it if my MALE teachers weren't walking around keeping tabs on all of the FEMALE students trying to take a piss. This one really creepy teacher from my school who probably isn't a pedo but he just creeps me out wad right near mine so I was already in the toilet area and I didn't want anyone to think I was weird so I sat down and pretended to pee. HE starts talking with me and I'm just nodding my head like really🖕🏻. I finally pretend flush because I've had enough I run out of there without even washing my hands. I go to the truck and ask my dad if he can get my bag back. He goes to the other truck and goes inside. Inside instead of children it likes like a game and all the people have different styles of hair. All of a sudden I'm bald and my dad asks which hair am I. He starts beating the people with the different hair and he final gets the right one when o said it was the one with bangs obviously. I put on my "weave" and when we get outside the truck I see my bag. I say oh it was here outside all along. I thought he would be angry but he just went inside the other truck. Time skips and I am now inside the truck getting ready for bed in the truck there are many bunk beds beside all of the normal bunk beds are small bunk beds I try to make my bed in the small bunkbed but I can't fit in it. My mom said to just sleep in the big bunk. Time goes by a little bit and I am making a whiskey holder out of a coke bottle cap for the side of the bed. I say "I'm boreeed" my mom says here you can play a prank on your friends. You get some condoms and you blow them up like balloons and then you call your friends and say hey need any condoms and then you pop them over the speaker and then you sprinkle the remnants of the condom explosion over your whole phone. The end (I know it's all weird but idc)