Cookie Jar PIN

Date: 7/26/2017

By sersloth

In this dream I was my 9-12 year old self. I remember for awhile I was trying to rescue stray cats and kittens that were outside this rich snob neighborhood. I was staying with a family that lived there maybe ?? And we were going to go on an RV trip I guess, so while packing, I worried for a kitten that was stuck somewhere between the RV and their porch. I let all of the kitties inside the sun room with theit cat needs met for whenever it might rain and they'd wanna be indoors. I guess I either decided not to go or they asked me to house sit for them because by the next dream-day I was sleeping in a room in their house. I slightly woke up to a little blonde-pigtailed ghost that wore the typical white gown like ghost tend to do in horror movies. the little ghost girl became fast friends with me, and said that she needed the PIN for the family's cookie jar so she could bring her grandma cookies. She explained that her grandma demanded she get everyone's cookies from their cookie jars and I guess people she came across had those pin protected cookie jars. I guessed that she and her grandma were both ghosts and for some cute ghost reason stole cookies lol, so I gave her the pin code and she giggled, thanked me, and we both like kids fell onto the bed to make it bouncy like a trampoline, and when they jumped off the bed they glided away towards the next house- going through the wall. I laid back down to sleep, which is when I woke up irl.