A Late Night Ride

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

(Any dream pre-2017 does not have an exact date; many are guesses based on text message receipts and iPod notes) Background: I had gotten into a car accident three months prior, resulting in a lot of potential (undiagnosed) trauma. A few days before Easter, my parents ask me to get gas for the Fit, which would've been the first time driving since my accident. Late at night, there was nothing but a road and only a few details within the rotary/main roads of my town (patches of grass, speed limit signs, etc.) However, as I kept driving, my seatbelt felt tight and I was squished between the wheel and seat. At some point while driving down a straight, empty road, my car turned into a pastel-colored bicycle; my mission was to still get gas and tire air for this "sweet" ride. I reached an unknown gas station in the middle of nowhere, meeting a man who looked like a stereotypical motorcyclist. While the man worked on my bike, he gave me French fries and a chicken sandwich coated in what seemed to be mayonnaise underneath the bun. While eating the sandwich at the curb, a red headed, middle aged woman walks near me and begins complaining/debating about homosexuality. More random strangers join the conversation arguing against her; I subtly listen to the debate behind me as I sit by my bike (still being worked on?) and eat the sandwich, silently thinking about my opinion to the conversation. Despite the over abundance of mayo, I could not taste the sandwich to save my life. Once I finish the sandwich, my bike is finished pumping gas and all the amateur debaters disappear. "Have a good Easter, quiet girl," a young-looking dude calls out to me as I ride home on the bike into the abyss. (Do not remember if the dream ended there or if I actually made it home.) Post dream: I woke up craving chicken nuggets; Dad had been working on my car later that day. Looking back on my notes, the dream's argument may have spawned from reading a Tumblr debate/joke on which state would be the last to legalize marriage equality. (The main guess was Texas before govt legalized it in all 50 states.) Also I still do not know how to ride a bike properly thanks to paranoid parents. Also fuck mayonnaise.