The Dream About BF with Split Reference

Date: 5/17/2017

By Cami-sama

I just woke up. I had a really weird dream. I dreamed that I was seeing my online boyfriend, Luis for the first time. I was waiting at the airport. I met one girl and two guys and they told me "Your boyfriend just went out for a minute and he'll be back soon." And I asked them, "how did you guys know I'm the girl? You could be mistaking me for someone." And they told me "your boyfriend told us his girlfriend has a sharp chin, and you're the only one who has a sharp chin here." And then we talked for some time. Afterwards Luis comes and he looked someone with a lot of wrinkles on the sides of the nose and mouth (we have an 8 years gap, but he doesn't look that old irl). We hugged for a long time then we proceeded to "his house" in the Philippines. He told me he had a house here before. So we went to the subdivision and we were searching for his house but he couldn't find it anywhere. I asked him if he has his house's address but he said no. He can't remember what the house looked like or where it was cos he said it's been so long. There was a list of the houses with their owner's names on it but there was no house that belonged to Luis. We asked a lot of people but they don't know where his house is. I told him we could stay at some hotel or another house but he felt kind of embarrassed because he couldn't find or even know his house. Then there was an old lady. We were in her living room and she's a psychiatrist. We were asking if she knows Luis, and she now knows why we couldn't find Luis's house. She said, "you're not Luis! You're Barry!" Like the Barry from the movie "Split". Barry was someone who had split personalities and his personalities are all extreme. Then we had a question and answer and Luis showed all his split personalities. The psychiatrist was asking me where I came from and I told her my address and in a childish way, Luis said "Liar, Liar, Liar!" in a singing voice (Barry from the movie had a split personality named Hedwig whom is a 13 year old boy, I think). There were a lot of other questions but they were weirder and I can't understand any of them. They didn't make any sense. There was one question where Luis grabbed me by the shoulders and shouted at my face, too. I was thinking that was the last personality. The one where Barry became a monster. After the question and answer part, the psychiatrist asked me if I still love my boyfriend and I broke into tears. I said yes, that I still love him, but that I haven't known his other personalities yet, and they kinda make me scared, like when he got angry and grabbed me and shouted at me. Then Luis went back to his normal self and he told me he would never hurt me. And then I woke up with tears. I don't know if I cried cos it was scary or if I was touched that he wouldn't hurt me even though he had scary personalities.