At the library reading about potatoes.

Date: 1/16/2017

By iamMartinez!

I was in a library looking for a book. A young Asian man asked if I needed help and I told him the book I was looking for. The title was something like the rose and the roses or the rose vs the roses. He checked a log and said something that it had just arrived. There was a an arrow pointing in the direction where it was to found.. I was amused to know it wasn't even close to where i had been searching. I thought since he said it had just arrived it would've been a new book but it was actually very old and worn out. it was also huge. And for some reason it included a bag of potatoes. I have no idea what the potatoes were about. So i just thought should i take home or read it here. i took a look around and there was an available couch and a hard table with chair. i opted for the table. -the end.