The Somero’s New Car

Date: 9/12/2019

By briannagio

My dad and I were at Aunt Nancy’s house, but I had just left and began to walk home. Instead of walking through the backyard, I went around the long way on the sidewalk. As I approached my house, I saw a ton of cars in the street in front of it, in the driveway and in the garage. None of them were mine or my dad’s. Once I got closer, I saw Jess Somero standing in the garage between the Suburban and a white SUV. He was in the middle of rearranging the cars so that they all fit in the garage and the driveway. I thought about how much work this was to do alone, but then Blane popped up in the garage to help. When Blane saw me, he pulled me over and excitedly said “Come on! You gotta come see this!!” He took me over to a navy blue Tesla that they had apparently just bought. It looked like a regular Tesla on the outside, but when he opened the door to the backseat, it looked like a big room. Brody appeared and he began pressing different buttons to show me all the settings you can set the inside to look like. The setting that it had already been on was a giant bed made out of the flattened seats. Brody pressed the button and said “Get ready for this one!” as the roof arched up and the bed multiplied into rows of seats and a movie screen opened up on the back of the two front seats. I hugged Blane out of excitement (as if he bought the car himself), and I thought about all the movie marathons we could all have in there.