Crazy People Coffee House, Shape Shifting

Date: 7/8/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was in a bad place mentally and emotionally, and had started visiting a local coffee house. It was slowly becoming an unofficial gathering spot for young crazy people to go act crazy and practice coping skills and give each other unofficial therapy sessions. The owners didn't appreciate this, but it was getting them business so they just let it happen, even though people were bringing blankets and meditating there and being generally free in their own strange idiosyncrasies. I liked it there and felt safe from the rest of the world there, as though I could just leave my problems outside of it. 2: I dressed up and went to a costume party where Jeff and one of his old friends was. They were sitting together talking and didn't notice me walking by them in my surprise costume. I had striped stockings and a wig and big fake boobs. I yelled at them when they didn't notice me and joked across the room that they didn't recognize me with big boobs. An ex boyfriend heard this and joined in the conversation. I didn't like having to talk to him in front of Jeff, and wondered if Jeff would be upset latet that I didn't just ignore him instead of continuing to include him in a conversation about my boobs. 3: I was asleep curled up with Jeff irl and kept imagining that he and I were turning partially into other life forms in our sleep. I'd suddenly have gills and he'd suddenly have segments, I'd suddenly have extra ribs and he'd have a tail. It was strange.