Saving ari

Date: 3/8/2017

By indiberry

So i was at home or something and I hear that my brother was hit by a car and had passed away, my family hearing the news were extremely distraught . But I found a way to time travel but only for a short certain amount of time. I was able to go back in time to about 30 minutes before the incident. For some unknown reason I was not able to leave the house because I was grounded. I tried to explain that I had to leave because of ari but then I remembered (for some random reason) that saying that would create a paradox. I ended up sneaking out of the house because ari (my brother) had already left I Remember runnin. As fast as my legs would take me. I saw ari and screamed his name... before his foot had touched the road he turned to me and I saw the car that had hit him drive past. He looked at me confused just before I woke up.