Wishful thinking

Date: 8/21/2017

By wr9AKgeMjYoBgS6wgenCymf7A

I dreamed that I was back in the navy and I walking about the base trying to find the recruiting office to ask about what kind of assignment I could get if I reup for four more years. one minute I was walking then I was driving and I called my mom and she started to tell me some weird story of how she was pulling money out of coffee cup and some guy wanted her to show him how to do it so he could get money too. Then I heard my small young son in the background and I started talking to him., Then I woke up and thinking I should reup four more years since it was 1987 and I had been in the navy seven years then I came to and realized that I'm an old man, 57 years old, and that I could never go back . I was sad.