unwanted marriage

Date: 5/9/2017

By Kesscapade

so Im supposed to be marrying my half cousin Brandon (ew) and according to my mother there is "a lot of pressure from the curch" to get married. My mom and I show up to a place that looks like a country club on the outside but look like a renovated version on my grandmas house on the inside. I get ready up stairs and decide on a kinda casual dress. It seems like this wedding was rushed and everyone was dressed very casual. Brandon shows up also dressed very casual and we hug and talk for a while but no sparks are happening. We held hands and hugged but it almkst felt like two complete strangers were forced to date, because that was kinda the reality of the situation. We hadn't talked about being married but we were both just kinda okay with it up until this point. I ended up going back upstairs right before we were supposed to go to the ceremony location. When Im up stairs on of my grandmas cats starts hissing at me and following me while hissing and I get covered in cat hair and dirt at some point. I think I fell down. I go down stairs to tell them that I need to change and Im suddenly feeling full of regret, already wanting a divorce. Grammy and Papa surround me, trying to roll the cat hair of of me and asking "what happened! what happened! " and I didn't want to talk to them. I go upstairs to change an decide that Im done, I don't want to go through with this wedding. I sneak out and go home and then text my mom that Im not doing this. Then it cuts to was looks like and nonsemetrical cathedral/ dungeon with the priest and Brandon sitting at the thrones in the front. There are strange creatures swirling around the middle and I don't remember what they were. My mom comes in and snarkily says that Im not doing it. Everyone is disgusted and shocked. This is were I wake up.