Llama Farm

Date: 5/7/2016

By HeyItsShelbyyy

So last night I had a dream that was quite confusing if you ask me. It started when my family were at a farm and there were hundreds of llamas (I'm guessing it was a llama farm) Just next to the paddock most of the llamas were in, was a restaurant. As it became night, my family and I walked in the restaurant and sat down at a table. Surprisingly, all the lights were off in the restaurant to give it some weird "natural" effect. When we couldn't even read the menu, we got frustrated and decided to walk out. When we walked back out into the llama farm, it was apparently day time again. Immediately, my mum started petting and hugging the llamas. According to my weird eyesight, some of them had snouts? The ones that had snouts were coming over and sucking on our skin and it was really disgusting. My mum then decided to climb onto the backs of some of them and stand up like it was some kind of pyramid like cheerleaders do. I then told her to get off because she would hurt them. That's all I can remember from that weird dream of mine😂