Gay Sex

Date: 8/19/2017

By sadinarus

So I'm mad at my boyfriend so I'm dream I guess was some sort of revenge dream. And Sean was watching us. The guy I was with was white and very VERY tall. He was very sweet and gentle and cared a lot. I liked him and I liked the fact that it made Sean mad. So I was really clingy to this guy. He was ordering ice cream I think and I hugged him and I looked up at him and we started making out. And it was deep and intense. We then was somewhere in my old house and we were having sex. At first he puts his dick in my ass. And I liked it, but not really. And I'm like put it in my vagina. And he's like "This right here is perfect." And he keeps stroking me in my anus. And after awhile I don't feel anything and he says that he's gay. And that he can't always get a guy to fuck" so he used me so he can cum. And when he was done. He left. THE END