The Library

Date: 6/15/2017

By TotalChance

The whole dream took place in the library in the town I just moved from. It started out with me being addicted to some drug. It wasn't a real drug, but I know it started with an "s" and you smokes it. That's all I remembered. I was out of my supply, so I called my cousin, who also smoked it. She said she would send me some after she got more from her dealer. Then, apparently there was a family we used to know really well at the library, but we stopped being friends with them because they would talk people out of jobs. They had a daughter about my brother's age that really hit it off. She was nine, but already in eleventh grade, and so was my brother in the dream. They decided to switch homework for the day. Then, we went to check out the books, but none of us had library cards. Well, we all had lots of library cards but none were with us and they all had large bills from unreturned books on them. We would have to pay the bill to use any of them. I finally realized that I had less than seven library cards, so I could make another one. So, I made another library card and we checked out the books.