I beat up Nicole Thompson

Date: 5/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So, I'm walking around a city with my dad and we walk by this place where rich people leave their cars while they go on cruises and my dad notices one car imparticular that he really loved and wanted to see so we stopped by the building to see it. It was this big white dome building with mostly windows around the dome and big white columns inside full of cars. So my dad is like, to the guy "yo I wanna see this, please man it's so pretty" and the guy is like "if it's not in this room I can't let you go in the other sections without a ticket, but you can watch the hallway and see if it drives by?" So we do that and then the dream changes and I'm like in this hallway of a cave house or something like a historical tour and I was with my dad and Brynne's parents and older brother and she shows up in the hallway with some boy and wanders off and then like ten minutes later comes out of nowhere and they're like putting all their clothes back on and her brother is like "ayee brynne get it" and then it changes again and I'm in my dorm room and talking to ally and then all my friends come in and they're choosing between sam Bannon and Michael Waheed like outside the window looking at pictures of them and weighing pros and cons and then sam just struts in wearing this ugly lime green shirt and he's like "hey" and everyone awkwardly leaves and then he sits on Ally's bed and we start flirting about something or another and then the dream changes again and I'm in this big dome room kinda like miller auditorium and it's like field day kinda and Nicole Thompson is there with guinea pigs and I'm just ignoring her presence with Mariel just pretending she doesn't exist and then I dropped a guinea pig and went to reach for it and Nicole accidentally touched me and I like cursed her out or something and she starts like apologizing for Xavier over and over and I punch her in the face and she ends up like laying on the ground telling me she cheated because her mom tried to kill herself and I told her I didn't give a fuck and then I realized sam was in the room and I didn't want him to think I was crazy and then the whole room was filled with water and we were floating on those inner tubes and then we were outside and Josh and tyler were there and this raft of fan girls was following them around and I was super annoyed because like I'm an og fan and then they had everyone come over that had pictures of themselves with 21 pilots and like compile them together and I was mad that I didn't have any