Jared is back again...

Date: 3/8/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

My ex boyfriend jared is always in my dreams and I have no idea why..but this time was really really weird. He usually tries to hug me and kisses me wanting me back but this time we were together in my dream which was really weird. But it was not we were just getting back together we were getting married. I looked in the mirror and am wearing a beautiful white dress with lace all over it. And my whole family was there and so was his dad his step brother and his step mom and his real mom and all my friends, and his friends too. Next thing I know am walking down the aisle with my dad taking me to jared to hand me over to him. He says " I love you so much your a beautiful woman that you would always become I just hope you made the right choice with him I know what he done in the past" I hug him really tight than he sits down than we get married. Than I woke up totally confused