Sleeping in Class (just like the old days)

Date: 3/6/2017

By A_RisingKing

This dream starts out with me in my car driving. At first I didn't know where I was driving to and then the dream switched. I was at a college campus and I was almost late for class. I had no books, backpack, pencils, or pens. Totally unprepared but that sounds just like me. I arrived at the class and took my seat. I had no idea what the class that I was taking was about or even what it was called. The professor was about to start the lesson as I immediately became bored. About 10 mins into the lesson I was sleep. I remember waking up in the dream and the class was over. I thought to myself like "wow no one even woke me up?" I quickly got up since the next class was about to start, grabbed my homework assignment and headed out of the building. I noticed I didn't have my glasses on and I left my textbook and phone. I turned around to go back to the classroom but couldn't find it. All the other classes let out and students began to fill the hallways. I was going to ask a teacher if they knew where my previous class was and then I woke up and the dream ended. I'm fully aware of what this dreams means. Right now in my life I have the opportunity to continue my education, but I've been focusing on others things and not giving any time to studying. Anytime my parents ask me if I've been working/studying i always lie and say "yea of course I am", just to keep them off my back about it.