Adam is a cheating basturd

Date: 3/8/2017

By KaraKill69

so I was in a dinner and I walked out to see shayla in a gold car and Adam beside her they try to drive off but I managed to jump in the back seat. while I'm there I asked a shit ton of questions eventually leading up to did you have sex to which they both replied yes. shayla remained quiet and Adam was trying to tell me it's because he wanted a child. this was all because I cheated as a teenager way back when we was kids and shayla spoke to say and because when we was married you fucked him. I cried and screamed broken hearted I yelled but I have been faithful I changed everything about me for you. I love you. and he just didn't seem to care. I started punching him in the face and arms and then balls. he took out his dick as a way to taught me. I hrabed it a stretched it past his head. then he looked like he started to Care. right then I woke up.