Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Drooling in front of various car brands passing by, the AI-generated image features the dreamer hiding their uncontrollable drooling while sleeping in a white Mercedes minibus with brown lifebelts.

drooling infront of mercedes cars

Date: 3/20/2017

By monjanse

it came cars driving past. some cars were Ford and volgsvagen and that kind off stuff, but when it arrived Mercedes-cars and mercedes-minibuses, I drooled, but dared not drool and hided myself when I uncontrolled drooling while sleeping very tired in a mercedes minibus that was white, with brown lifebelts in. I was in fact so abnormal uncontrolled tired in this dream, that I slept even standing infront a necklace urban shop window at an undisclosed mall while a girl I was with went in and looked at these Indian-style jewelry (I have no friends in real life but it seemed real in the dream). I tried not to show Indian sellers the man that I was a thief, because I could look like theafy because I did not have full control of my body, because I had to struggle to stay awake and upright where I stood. then the world was cold by an icely wall of cloud-waves because the sun was extinguished, and everything around me was ice and cold, and I was lonely in the snow without people try to help me up, and i crept and hided me in some white frozen bushes. then I saw the open sea horizon and then I'd raise my action by transforming me into a dog and then i sniffed in the air. I smell while I slept on the edge of a high cliff against this open ocean horizon (I have anxiety to smell scents while I'm watching the open sea horizon, forexample on a beach) and sprained my hindlegs like a dog when it dreams. it was disgusting scary but fun nevertheless, bechause I pushing my limits by scent while I saw the open sea.