Killing a man with a broom stick, and a pedophile lady

Date: 2/16/2019

By ratherrare

Dream one: There was someone out to kill me. I was in a garage with a room attached, looking out of a window. It was night time, the killer sent someone else to kill me. It was a man who had been there to to deliver something. Tony told me I had to kill him before he killed us. I hesitated thinking what if he wasn’t going to kill us, and then I would have just killed an innocent man. But nope, the man started attacking me, I think with a knife. I grabbed a blue broomstick out of the closet and held end of the handle against his Adam’s apple until I heard a crunch, his body went limp. I killed him. I couldn’t believe the broomstick worked. Dream two: There was a creepy van hanging out by the park. I had complaints against it, I went to confront the van and there was a woman inside. Apparently I knew she was s pedophile already. She drove away, I couldn’t believe it was a woman pedophile.