coven and creep

Date: 4/11/2017

By k5OakCX9OZBLIjhzs3nJdvZL4

so it starts off with me and madison from coven on a field trip.. we part from the rest of the group (god knows who the group was) and madison wants to down this massive stairway which is incredibly steep.. so we hold hands and start walking. the stairs are covered in loose fabric making it extra slippy, madison falls down the stairs twice and i meet her down at the bottom. i struggle to over this little fence which madison had just leaped over. i catch up with madison and she wants to go to some car showrooms further ahead. we get there and there's an old food court with really low lighting. i saw fiona pass me with a macdonalds, and then madison pass me with a weird dish to go find a table. i go to the place madison went to to try something new. all of a sudden I'm with my mum, and the shop is a weird drug store. we end up buying really weird bottles, pills and other drug paraphernalia. I'm not sure but i think the owner of the shop was a tall old guy, really creepy looking. I'm already forgetting stuff from this dream but it ends up with me and madison in the creepy guy's car, as he's giving us a ride home. in my dream i got the feeling he wasn't guna let us get out, so before the car stopped i opened my car door. we tell him where to stop and he carries on edging away from the house. me and madison get out of the car and the guy gives her a long hug. he then turns to me with a creepy look on his face and says something to me as he hugs me. eventually me and madison get away from him.