Date: 7/24/2017

By maliuhh

i had a dream that i was with a bunch of people my age and we all decided to break into this ware house, i don't remember why or what the ware house was for but we broke in and we're trying to steal something. there was a thin catwalk above everything and i saw some of my friends on the other side, i tried to get over to them using the catwalk but near the center it got real thin, some lady found us and started yelling for me to turn back, i tried to go faster but the bars broke and i fell from really high, even though i knew i was going to get hurt, as i was falling i could only imagine what falling was going to feel like, if it would hurt a lot, then i must have passed out. when i woke up, the lady had caught us and threatened us until we told her why we're were there, i guess we had good reason bc she let us in and said we could take whatever they had bc there were having new inventory coming in. i looked around and then asked if she had any sweets or candy and she said they should, i don't really remember what they were selling but it might have been plants. i saw a bunch of rice crispies in the back and took a box