Drunk boss chokes me out at his house

Date: 7/21/2019

By ndbarter

No lights on at my work. Dealing with customers coming in the store. It’s a hot summer night. Everyone just wants to go home. It’s 7pm. I then end up in my boss’s car and he’s driving me to his house. But it’s not his house. It’s my friends house from St. Louis but in my childhood campground. He’s mad at me for something he thinks I did but I don’t know what he’s talking about. The event to cause this isn’t explained in the dream. I ask him “Wait, how am I getting home?” He chuckles angrily “No, no, no.” I then get out of the car and start trying to walk away while fumbling to call my mom. I don’t get to it in time as he runs up behind me and starts choking me out. His mom and his fiancé come outside as he says “Stay away, he’s crazy!” I wake up. I think he was supposed to be drunk but he was acting very lucid and that was super scary.