I was a runaway dog and then an anime character, and then Nemo?! (????)

Date: 3/7/2019

By Emerald

I was an old brown dog asleep in my basket at my grandparents house. It looked very different on the inside but exactly the same on the outside. In the dream there was a grey cat who was my friend. She knocked on the window and we ran away from the house. We went to a festival/theme park of sorts and when we were walking out she said "Wow you're lucky you can talk, you're a very rare dog" Even though I didn't ever say a word. Then we ran up and down the neighborhood by the house and then my owners were walking around with flashlights. I was terrified because they couldn't know that I wasn't in the house. I dashed inside and quickly pretended to sleep in my basket. Then in that same house I was suddenly the little boy from an anime movie called "Mirai" and I think I was drawing pictures. Then I was looking at a huge, long glass tube of water and a scientist told me that in the future we can use it, and I was really really sad and disappointed because I wanted to use it now. Then suddenly I was Nemo (why am I always boys in this dream if I'm a girl?!) And I was looking at open sea but it was grey. Then I swam to the corals and saw Nemo's dad saying something but I can't remember what. Then I woke up