Arrange Marriage

Date: 8/5/2019

By emwhang

One day in the afternoon I was helping building my mansion because I was rich. While I was building a guy came and told me that he and his family was a rich family and they were going to became bankrupt. So I stopped building and came to his house. His house was small, he explained that they already lost their mansion. He introduced me to his son. His son was about 6 feet, he was listening to music like a normal teenager. He told he was 20 yrs old. I told me I was almost 20. While we were arranging the wedding. I started flying uncontrollably. Throughout the day, I started flying and the man got mad. I kept telling me that I wasn’t controlling the flying. He threatened to call someone. For the rest of the day I stopped flying uncontrollably. The father showed me pictures. Finally I offered to marry his son. * I woke up *