Date: 8/2/2017

By magix

so i was with my brother in my grandmas house when i saw two cars stopped near the window , then 3 dudes came out and went to the door . i knew they were some marcos wanting to hit some weed in my house because we were alone . i ran to the door to close it so no ody comes in but instead i opened it and told them to go somewhere else but they wont listed and came in . one of them was chubby with big hairy stomach and other two were skinny but also hairy and they had beards . then fat dude took his phone out and started to talk to someone (probably another narco) and gave me two blunts because his hands were busy , so i took a hit and smoked it (i never smoked weed and wont ever do it) so i dont know how it feels to smoke weed but i felt like it was mentholated and felt like fresh green tea. so my lil brother came in and i woke up .