I Still remember

Date: 6/5/2019

By PrincessBuck

I had this dream about 3 months after I broke up with my Ex boyfriend but I remember it like it was yesterday. So what happened was my Ex boyfriend asked me to meet him at the store across from the mall. Guess wat... I did meet him and he said "Would u go back out with me" and guess what... I did 😊. My Aunt and my cousin drove me there because I didn't have a car yet and my cousin went inside with me and she told me she'll tell me if my Aunt came in cause us three was the only ones in that particular store that day except for the shopkeep of course. She was starting making out in between shelf's and knocked down so many things while he was kissing my neck and started to pull my clothes off. Then suddenly my cousin yelled "ANDY'S COMING" that meant my Aunt was coming and so we rushed to the bathroom to continue 😉. I took everything off of him and he put it in and was putting it to work. I was moaning so loud my Aunt heard and my heart was racing and fixed myself quickly and ran out told him to call me. We left and then I woken up feeling horny.