Cruise colonoscopy

Date: 7/13/2019

By pretzeling

I was on a cruise with my mom, cousin and a bunch of my mom’s coworkers. My cousin got elected “president” of the cruise ship in a fun joke ceremony. Then we all had glow in the dark neon sandals for a blacklight cruise party. Some people were pissed that she got “elected.” The cruise stopped at a port in central america but I slept in and didn’t make it off the ship. I decided to go to the buffet, but most of the cruise employees were doing medical training—right next to the buffet. While looking for a place to sit down and eat my food, I stumbled upon a man performing a colonoscopy on a sedated guy while 20 or so people observed. I was accidentally tripping over the controller and messing up the colonoscopy, causing the camera probe to go haywire. I ran away because I wanted to eat somewhere else and couldn’t believe they were doing this next to a FOOD SERVICE area. I sat down somewhere else but it turned out to be next to a kiddie water park. I kept getting splashed by water and had to move again. Then I “woke up” in my cabin on the ship and was freaking out because I had slept for 15 hours straight.