4. Got fired now I'm going to set them on fire

Date: 5/25/2017

By blankfoote

I was working as a security officer or guard and patrolling this place with a guy. During the patrol, the guy pulls this enormous plug that apparently is a measurement system for airplanes. We both ran and I admit I did t say anything or do anything to stop him but my supervisor approaches me and says things like, are you patrolling together, and I know you did it type of things but I was trying to tell him that it was the other guy, not me. Turns out the guy who got me fired was part of this evil corporation that was just evil, I don't know why they were. I begin stealthily killing them like in an action movie. So at the end, i see the guy who got me fired and others saying they weren't scared of me and others a little scared of me. Something was going to happen with a bomb in a jacuzzi but I ended up waking up. I felt like john wick 😂😂