Date: 7/28/2017

By Sofaloafa

I was registering for the new school year, and I had to put down an instrument that I played. I play piano, but I really wanted to put down flute, and so I did. I figured I could figure it out along the way. Skip to registration, and we had to find our classrooms. I spent a lot of time looking for my first classroom, and I was getting scared because time was running out. I finally found it and when I walked in I saw my best friend there too. I smiled and called her name, and she smiled at me. I walked over to take a seat by her, but someone ran in and took it instead. So I sat on the floor at the other side of her. We were in a math classroom and the teacher was just sitting at her desk talking on her phone for the whole time, so we started talking too. The scene changes and I am kind of watching a documentary but I am there. I see NAZIs and lots of children and the voice of the documentary starts explaining. "The NAZIs often used children to test new gas or poisonous waters. They would convince the children to jump into a ditch filled with poisonous waters and document what happened." I watched the horrifying scene unfold before me, the children screaming and everyone simply recording whatever they wanted. I wanted to help, but I knew it was only a documentary and I could do nothing to stop the past. The scene changes yet again and I am in my house. My friend is over for a sleepover but it doesn't go well at all. I am so sad, because I really like my friend but she had moved, and she had come back just to see me again. She is completely disinterested the whole time and so when she leaves I just kind of sit on my couch. And then suddenly my mother runs down the stairs and shoves in my hand a crossbow and bolts made out of pencils. I want to ask her what it was for, but then someone else came down the stairs. It is Arthur Ketch, who is professional killer. I hid in our bathroom, gripping my crossbow tightly. He looks around the house, looking for us. I see him walking toward the bathroom, and I jump out and shoot him. I aim for his chest but end up hitting his face, and he yells in pain. The pencil bolt doesn't stick in his face and he lunges at me. I dodged him and shot at him, again aiming for his chest but hitting his face. This time the pencil bolt stuck in his cheek, and he suddenly turned into Robin Williams. He starts chewing me out for hitting someone in the face while I start to cry because I was honestly aiming for his chest. Suddenly the scene changes yet again and I was with my mother and sisters and we were at the beach. We were sitting in the sand having fun and just watching the beachgoers. We saw a man escape a pole and run from the FBI, but that was the only abnormal thing. I decided to run along the water to get my feet sandy. I did that and washed it off. Then I went back to my family and we went back home. The next day my mother convinced my father to go to the beach with us this time, and he did. We got to the beach and sat down. But all of a sudden there was shouting and we saw that we had angered the NAZIs and they wanted to kill us all. I had previously seen their cruelty so I was very scared. Our family got split up and I ran with my mother and another girl that I became friends with. I saw my father and sisters got in a car and got away. We ran and ran, being shot at most of the time. We ran into a neighborhood but we soon realized that it was eerily abandoned. We kept running until my new friend saw a hill, and said that was where we were supposed to go. We had to climb a very fancy fence and landed in a ditch but nicer. My mother started to freak out thinking there was no way out, but I looked to the side and saw an entrance. My new friend said "Yes, that is the entrance to the university. We should go in there." So we did, and we arrived in a library. It was filled with artifacts off all kinds and people reading. There were little hitches with pool tables and half pool tables. I loved pool even though I was bad at it, so I wanted to play. We looked around the library, thinking we were safe, until a couple of NAZIs burst in. They split up and I gave up trying to hide and approached one. I asked to play pool. He had brown hair that had waves, brown eyes, and slight stubble. He thought for a moment and then smiled, showing me a picture. If I won, we could escape, but if he won they would shoot us. I agreed and we walked to a half pool table. Everything was there but the cues were oddly shaped and kind of looked like zig zags. I shrugged and played with them anyway. It was difficult, and the man was also having trouble, and so far nobody had sunk a ball. We talked a bit and began talking and laughing more. He jokingly tried to move a ball with his hat to help himself, but I caught him and stole his hat. He laughed and smiled and I looked at him in the eyes and saw him not want to win, because he didn't want to shoot me. He was in love with me. I then woke up.