A Grand Adventure

Date: 9/15/2019

By FrankRuden

Note: I don’t know if I remember correctly the chronology in which this dream occurred but I remember feeling a sense of love and compassion upon waking. Perhaps my guides were teaching me something that resonated wholeheartedly. The song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran was at the forefront of my mind. P.S.: Dear future self who may have forgotten this feeling of this trip to the dreamworld and is reading this, please try to remember this feeling and how much you enjoyed this dream. I care about you! Without further ado, let’s recount this dream’s events. The first part was that I was at what may have been the Ecker Hill pool. It seemed as if a series of races were taking place. I noticed a guy in particular. He seemed fascinating. He was adventurous, indeed. I felt an instant connection with him. He swam (I think) and used multiple pieces of technology during different races. He used some sort of motorboat-type thing in one of these races. The scene then switched to it being a bigger ocean. This guy was using his motorboat there, too. I don’t recall too many details of what happened in this scene. It then switched to what appeared to be a hospital bedroom. I was occupying this room with a younger boy across from me. It seemed as if I woke him up by some sounds I was making. I was making these sounds from a dream I was having (the pool races, the adventurous guy). The scene then switched to me and some others (whom I think were Hispanic) after we watched a movie. I vaguely remember getting lost from this group of people. I recall us exploring a desert in the middle of the night. This desert was barren and devoid of anything but us. Then the scene switched to me sneaking into my local recycling center. I recall seeing a guy (not the adventurous guy) talking to two other guys walking behind him. [[This is the guy who is a manager at The Junction, a restaurant on my college campus.]] Then it appeared to switch to a movie theater “office”. This was the theater where I’d seen a movie with that group of people. A friend of mine, Joey Carpenter, entered this “office” from outside. He was wearing dress-up clothes (black pants, white shirt, beige/brown vest). I asked him if he was getting ready for work at the theater. He said that no. He even said, “You’re absolutely wrong.” I forgot the context, though. I think it was something in more detail about working at the theater. He might have said he was going to see his own movie as he was getting stuff from his locker. I don’t remember for sure but I may have gone back into the barren desert just before waking.