I created a Seinfeld Episode in my dream

Date: 8/3/2017

By realGeorgerino

George, Elaine, Kramer are at Monks and they spot this beautiful woman close by. Surprisingly, Jerry wasn't in my dream at all. Elaine suggests that George ask her out. George says "What're you joking? George Costanza never backs down from asking a woman out!... Well maybe this one time he will..." Cowarding, he sits back down. The gang exits the restaurant (Located in front of upper tunnels and bombsite B in CS:GO on dust 2) with that stock Kevin MacLeod music always used in minecraft videos, Costanza.jpg is along the walls. George tells the gang that we should wait for the woman so he can properly ask her out. Elaine is hesitant at first, but complies. Kramer spots a (dick shaped) rock pointing out of a wall and suggests that the climb up and get a birds eye view. George says (very loudly), "I should put one eye against it like a telescope!" Elaine's response is "What the hell is he talking about?!?" Kramer replies under his breath "he's such a weird little man." George climbs up and behind the rock in the wall and holds himself up with his right eye against the rock, his feet clipping through the walls. The beautiful woman appears out of bombsite B and George loses his grip. Elaine screams "No!" George slips and is hanging from the rock like a monkey! Everyone is silent until George finally says "you're frickin hot!" The lady responds "oh? you think so?" George and her hit it off pretty well and Kramer (still above everyone) says "well that was a trainwreck" George finally asks her, "Hey, what's your name? I'd like to hang out with you more often!" With a smug and snarky expression she says to him "I'm George Costanza, and I never back down from asking a woman out!" George replies, "Wow! That's MY name! What a coincidence!" The two of them do a high-five handshake thing and the frame freezes when it connects, causing the theme song to play. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER LARRY DAVID Looking back on it, it feels a lot like that Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour. It was weirdly comprehensive though, but not funny at all. I shouldn't watch YouTube before bed anymore.