What the Hell

Date: 1/19/2017

By DomxDingo

I woke up in this town, styled in the Medieval Ages and the sky was orange but not from a sunset but from the fires everywhere. The whole town was on fire. I went around trying to find someone who could tell me what the fuck was happening. But while the town was heavily populated, it was not with people. Everywhere I looked there were creatures fighting and ripping and devouring each other in the worst way I've ever seen. They would scream in pain as they had there guts eaten but were denied the satisfaction of passing out or dying. These monsters came in all shapes and sizes of the things people feared most. There were naked women but with the legs of spiders the size of a car protruding out there back and the teeth of a leviathan and the eyes of a snake. And there were monsters with the body of a man but with a bulls head and teeth of a python and wings of a dragon. And the streets were full of these kind of monsters of every mix and match from all the worst things in the world all attacking each other. I tried to sneak through the town and tried to find someone if anyone could talk to me and tell me where I was and how I could leave. I tried looking through the windows of houses to find people and I did find one however the home was on fire yet the family including to small girls were sitting at the dinner table drinking blood and stomach bile of the other while they too were being burned alive, they cried and screamed but they still continued to eat there dinner. At this point I was found by this bug the size of my hand that flew towards me, the best way I could describe this thing is the body of a beetle the jaw of a crow and the feet of a spider. It landed on me and I frantically tried to shake it off but it burrowed its way inside me and started eating me but the more it ate the bigger it got. At some point it was eating my near my intestines and protruding out of me enough that I grabbed it and held it in place, still inside me, and cut it out with a splintery piece of wood( it was at this point that I wish I really had woken up from the pain) and I crushed it under my foot. After what seemed like hours of searching I found a house occupied by what I could gather was a vampire. He however was the most normal person(yes I'm calling him a person, compared to everything else) in this entire place. He let me in his home, more delighted that I was someone he could actually talk to. After talking for a while, I asked him how I could get out of here. He said he'd tell me in exchange for some of my blood, as human blood was a rare commodity. I reluctantly agreed to it and he went upstairs to get his equipment. I would describe his home as very bedroom size stories but there were three of them. After getting this needle out, the size of my arm that he shoved in me, he decided to introduce himself. His name was Elmelret. I told him my name too and not much later the gallon size jar was full of blood. He thus told me that the only way to leave was across a mote full of rotting bodies and entrails and on the other side was a carriage made of the bones of newborns that still screamed for there mothers and pulled by the horse that was burning and had numerous scars all over it. Obviously I couldn't miss it. He also said that no one guards the bridge or the carriage cause just getting to either is nearly impossible. After leaving it felt like days of traveling and part of me was ready to kill something just so I could get something to eat. But I realized it was best to avoid fighting and most definitely losing. After even a few more days I reached the bridge of the mote. The bridge was partially on fire and it was physically made out of people that were still alive and begging for help. After waiting for hours for a chance to make a run for it, I make my move. As I'm running across the bridge an arm from one of the people grabs me and I frantically try to get free, but at that moment a creature the the size of a vulture, with the wings of a bat and jaws that dislocated from its head with spikes made of the fangs of snakes, flew at me and started ripping me apart and making this screech which sounded like a tortured pigs but if it was at a higher pitch ....(I finally wake up