Worst reality

Date: 4/9/2017

By Wolf_kid16

This dream was quit awful, and I wanted to record it. In the dream I remember that my phone was horribly cracked, and my dad and some strange old man were having no doubts that it was me. I said, "it wasn't me!" "I just woke up and it was cracked on my bedside table!" My dad replied, "it WAS you!" "Have you been taking something?" I said back, "no, I haven't, but if you're so sure that I have, how about we go get a drug test right now!" Then we proceeded to go to a convenience store that looked like a Walgreens, where dad asked the lady behind the counter for a drug test. (That's not how or where you get a drug test, I know.) I just remember the hate,disgust,and horrible anger that were in his eyes and tone of voice. It was like his real personality and demeanor, but amplified. He dragged me over to where Kim and I think Alex were, and they were oddly, in the parking lot of the gas station where mom and dad meet to trade Abby and i every other weekend. Kim and Alex both had a hateful judgment in their eyes, like once again, reality was amplified. Dad told me that the reason why we were there so late at night, was my mom was extremely late and we couldn't contact her because our phone bill had been over due. Then, we were walking down a isle in target, the main one in the front of the store. Suddenly I walked faster and passed Kim and Alex and they suddenly started gossiping about what seemed to be me, and in the dream I was hardly concerned. Then,I was in a isle that led to the entry/exit doors, when Alex said to me "you guys are so weak!" (I had been crying for the majority of the dream.) Of course this angered me, so I turned around and it was Kaleigh standing there instead of Alex. I said to her, "I am not weak.I am strong!" "If you had any idea of what I deal with on a daily basis, you wouldn't be saying that." To which she rolled her eyes. Then I said something that angered her, and she hit me. It hurt, so I tried to fight back, but similar to all my other dreams, I was too weak. I was small and innocent and couldn't fight back. Then, I started crying again. To my surprise, she said "maybe instead of fighting we could hug and make up?" "I haven't seen you in forever!" Then I gladly hugged her tightly, cried very hardly into her shoulder, and said the words that really touched me for some reason, "I'm sorry!" Then I woke up to my real room, real bed, and real tears running down my face.