The Babysitter (Taylor Laughtner)

Date: 3/26/2017

By MaggieRosette

So this dream happened along the time of the last twilight movie. I had just went to se it in the theater. My dream was my parents had to go see my aunt in the hospital and needed a babysitter fast. So they decided to get Taylor Laughtner. And when he showed up I said " oh, it's you" in a disappointing voice for some reason and then this random chick named Patricia came in and was saying her boyfriend was Justin Bieber and said you better not touch Taylor's hair. So I did it to annoy her and she made this bat appear out of nowhere and said now you will pay. And Taylor and I take off running and he begins to apologize saying that is Patricia the bounty hunter and she has come for my head. That was were the dream always ended and I had this dream many times after this. So I have no clue what it means.