Alarm clock

Date: 3/14/2019

By Marvelitie

I usually have two alarms set up in 15 minute intervals. I actually woke up and turned the first one off and in those 15 minutes when I got back to sleep I had this short dream. A teenage boy was yelling at me for turning of my alarm, I had a vague feeling he was from America, random but whatever, he then took my phone and set an alarm, doing this all while yelling at me. I am from a small village but it's normal, modern but he, being the dude from the great US couldn't comprehend it and yelled that I need to wake up early so I need the alarms and that's because I, and this is a quote: "need to feed the damn cows". There are no cows where I live? It was obviously his assumption because I live in a village and he was so convinced about it being the truth. I found it rather hilarious after I woke up again.