teacher having a baby!? someone help

Date: 3/4/2017

By I_Love_Dogs

Ok first I wanna say a bit about me. I'm Cadence (Said like "Kay-den-ss") I'm not lesbian I'm straight and that's it. I also have brown hair. Ok I was at school and a female teacher was sitting down across from me and two other students. She started making weird noises. She was HAVING A BABY? I think one of the students said "miss, are you ok!?" She didn't reply she just screamed in pain. Everyone crowed around saying, "Breath, breath!" She started screaming and squirming herself. I didn't know what to do. She started to cry and I felt sorry because she kept looking around realising her whole class is watching her give birth. She is still sitting in the same place and I'm across from her. "Are you ok, what do you want us to do!?" Some kids where saying "what are you doing?" Some of the boys came around and stared. She had to take off her underpants so she could have the baby. It was so weird. The worst part is I looked under the table and saw her... You know. Because she was wearing a skirt and you could see. It was gross because some of the boys would come up and try to look I had to push some away because the teacher couldn't move. She was right there in front of me crying and screaming and having a baby. It was so scary. 😳 everyone was saying "PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!" She said " IM HAVING A BABY CAN SOMEONE CALL THE HOSPITAL OR SOMETHING" someone called 911 or 000. Finally they came and put her in the back of the ambulance truck. I felt so sorry for her