catastrophic future

Date: 1/26/2017

By Viking Bubbles

The world had been decimated by an unknown event. It couldn't have been a nuclear war because air travel was still a thing. I was working to find a new food seed supply. I flew to a pacific island, then got on a helicopter which flew to an isolated fortification. It was built in the same style as the British coastal defense stations, but on a mugabe larger scale. It had been a condo place for years housing a secret seed bank. The helicopter (a vietnam era single engine UH-1 Iroquois) circled the facility, there were no signs of life. There was a 1960's Volkswagon Beetle sitting outside one condo. All the condos had curtains drawn shut. There was a fifties era diner all decked out in wood paneling, also empty. we circled one more time, and saw a windsurfer cruising by. Then when the helicopter landed, I woke up. Really wyrd thing was that there were no faces of any kind throughout the dream. even the windsurfer only thing visible was the sail.