Doggy daycare but in a graveyard

Date: 8/2/2019

By em2002

may 28 2019 i was driving with frank (my step dad) and we drove by a graveyard lookin thing with a small building next to it and i looked at it and it was a house for a family?? there was a tricycle and a little girl running around the tombstones with her mom wtf and when we drove by the back of the house it had a big sign that said “pet chateau” and i started laughihg and said “omg its LITERALLY a pet chateau wtf” and i was still wearing my work tshirt too (i work at pet chateau irl, its a doggy daycare) lmao so we drive a lil further and we see these fenced up areas with the same little kiddie jungle gyms they have at my work and there’s dogs all over them hooked on by leashes with no one supervising them?? idk i didnt really think much of it though but i think i saw dudley and furley (two regular dogs at work)